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Avril Lavigne Appears In English Textbook [photos]

According to a quantity of fans on Twitter, they spied Avrils smiling face in one of their books at school. Not surprisingly, they didnt hesitate to post their discoveries about Twitter. @AvrilLavigne @AvrilMusicChart you may be equally in my english textbook! photo.twitter.com/ZE7UlCx1Zj Avril Lavigne BE (@AvrilBelgium) September 16, 2014 Avril on English Textbook pic.twitter.com/EP06Cu17kU Avril Lavigne Charts (@AvrilMusicChart) September 16, 2014 English textbooks arent the only places Avril Lavigne is showing up today. Apparently somebody in China spotted her mug inside a Chinese textbook because well. When youre trying to give the kids a decent knowledge, why not utilize a celebrity they recognize and love?
For the original variation including any supplementary pictures or video, visit http://www.inquisitr.com/1480581/avril-lavigne-appears-in-english-textbook-photos/

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